Thursday, June 3, 2010

Trip report: Colorado Springs, Colorado. This wasn't intended to be a sightseeing trip but rather to attend my nephew's high school graduation. While I was up there, though, I wanted to take advantage of the proximity of some alternative RV dealers in order to compare some different brands with those available in Albuquerque. I had found a place near Denver that carried a couple of brand names that I seen recommendations for, Northern Lite and Eagle Cap.

I went up with my brother and my dad to take look at them. The Northern Lite series didn't have any slide-outs which I had decided that I wanted. the Eagle Cap brand had several models with slides and also had some construction details that I liked. They use a clam shell design which should help reduce leaks. One of the models, the 1050, had a very nice floor plan with lots of storage space. The price was on par with the brands carried in Albuquerque so I decided to buy one. I added a few options such as air conditioning, generator, rear awning, and a nice skylight.

Since they didn't have one with my exact specs on site, they will need to build one at the factory for me. They claim 6-8 weeks for delivery. In the meantime, I need to get some basic supplies together to equip the rig.

My plan is to pick up the camper (they do all the installation of tie-downs, electrical, etc.) and then spend a couple of nights in it up near the Denver area to make sure things are all working OK. The first night would probably be in a campground with hookups while the second night might be somewhere without hookups. I'll need things like bedding, basic cooking gear, and towels which I can bring along with me. I could also stop at a Walmart up there to flesh things out a bit if needed.

Since I have about 2 months until the camper arrives, I am planning a short trip in the interim. My goal is to visit as many of the National Parks, National Monuments, National Historic sites, etc. as possible. I think I'll make a short trip around southeastern New Mexico and little bit of Texas and see Carlsbad Caverns and the Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

I'll make a report on this trip as soon as I get back.

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